We Are Paramore

Why Paramore is my favourite band

During my teenage years, I always told people that I “wasn’t much of a music person”. Growing up in the 90s, I was surrounded by pop music; Spice Girls, Britney, Backstreet Boys. Like everyone else, I was obsessed with this music, as cheesy as is. But as the 90s turned into the 00s, music tastes started to change as RnB and rap music rose in popularity. This music was especially popular where I grew up in West London, as well as hip hop, garage and grime. I found myself not really clicking with this music in the same way, and didn’t really know any music outside from this.

The first ever band merch I bought, from Hot Topic when I went to California! Hot Topic became my haven and I lived in this shirt! A bit worn out to wear now!
I look a complete mess, but there I am next to Zac! And Josh on the right! I adore this picture! And you can see how I was growing my hair too!
I got to see Paramore twice during their self-titled era. Once at iTunes festival (top 6 pictures), which was a wonderfully intimate setting. And another at Nottingham Area (bottom 5 pictures). I got to stand both times and had a lot of fun! You can also see how I got a new phone in between the two concerts, greatly affecting the quality of the shots haha!
I got to see Paramore twice again on the After Laughter Tour. Tour 1 at Royal Albert Hall, where we had terrible seats, and Tour 3 at the O2 where I got to go with my best friends, the ones I still had left. It felt like a healing experience.

Londoner born and raised. Bi Indian nerd who has way too many opinions and decided Twitter threads and lengthy FB posts aren’t cutting it.

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